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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Breaking News! It's A...

Today's the day, sweet ll' lovelies! Yours truly is head over heels in love with baby L.! YES, you heard it right! Scoot over your car seat, little C., baby L. is halfway to arriving....squeal?! I can't believe I'm halfway there (ok, wait, I'm lying. It seems like I should be there already.) So enough is enough...D. and I found out baby's gender last week and had our gender reveal party with friends and family this weekend (so.much.fun. Check back tomorrow for the full review with photos!). NOW...it's time to reveal to you. You might want to set your Minkoff down for this...IT'S A...

Can you believe the day I found out I went shopping? Blush. Who moi?? I also found these cutesy lil' animal-print moccasins for her at babyGAP this weekend and just couldn't resist sharing. They're even more adorable IRL. More than just finding out girl, though, I'm so very thankful everything on the ultrasound looked a-ok and she's growing like the chic little sweetie she's meant to be. Despite feeling like it just might be a girl because of a slightly different pregnancy, I never could convince myself. I just knew I'd be a boy mom for life. But, turns out...I'm having a little girl!!!! Squeal!!!

Can't wait to start on her shoe closet. ;)


  1. WOW!!! Julie that is WONDERFUL news!!! So happy you will have someone to pass the torch of fabulous shoes to. Hoping you feel good and have an easy second half. :)

  2. Congratulations! Many blessings to you both :)

  3. Thanks, girls! I am beyond excited to dress her up. Can't lie! :) Thanks for all of your support throughout the years and for your kind thoughts. xoxo


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