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Monday, September 23, 2013

TV Host/Mom Samantha Harris & Her Fashion and Beauty Favorites

Since she appeared back in the day on Entertainment Tonight and as co-host of Dancing with the Stars, I've had this infatuation with Samantha Harris. She's one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood and she now has two young girls and continues to look amazing through healthy eating and exercise. I'm constantly amazed by her beauty, both inside and out. So here's a little Q&A with Samantha to start off the week. You'll be surprised to find out this glam gal's fav pair of shoes!

I Heart Heels: What are you working on right now?
Samantha Harris: I continue my work with Feeding America (feedingamerica.org), the nation's leading hunger relief organization, to help raise awareness about the 1 in 6 Americans who are food insecure. It's incredible that just donating $1 provides eight meals to those in need.  

I also have a some webisodes on pgeveryday.com, a one-stop destination for savvy moms, where I give tips on how to fit in exercise (I recently got certified as a personal trainer to increase my knowledge when speaking about health and fitness, which I'm very passionate about) as well as ideas for getting your family to eat more healthfully.

IHH: I know you have two daughters, so is your work schedule pretty conducive to spending time with them?
SH: After eight years of non-stop entertainment news, working 24/7 year-round and never being able to make a commitment to be at a school function, it's been wonderful to now choose hosting jobs that mostly shoot in cycles. Our older daughter has just commenced kindergarten and our younger one started preschool, so now I can be more present while maintaining a thriving career. I missed so much of pre-school the first time around, so this works wonderfully!
"I shop everywhere from Bloomies to J.Crew to boutiques around L.A," -- Samantha Harris, TV hostess
IHH: What is your number-one lifesaver beauty product when you're being rushed to get ready?
SH: L'Oreal CC Cream or their foundation that comes with a built-in applicator brush. Sweep it on and run out the door!

IHH: You're very active, so what are some of your fav ways to exercise (I'm a huge Pilates fan) and how do you fit it into your busy schedule as a working mom?
SH: My workout motto is two-fold. First, I schedule exercise like an appointment in my day by putting it in my calendar each day (4-6 days a week) and, secondly, I change it up to keep my body guessing. Boredom kills workout mojo. Variety keeps the mind AND the body engaged and allows you to see a change for the better.  
I love to take classes, especially those offered at Equinox. It has some of the best instructors. I especially torch calories and lean out taking the high-intensity interval training classes like Shockwave and Metcon3. I also try to bike outdoors each week. My husband, a friend and I just completed our first triathlon, as a relay team. I biked the 18-mile leg and it was exhilarating.

IHH: You always look amazing! Tell me where you like to shop and your fav pair of shoes.
SH: I shop everywhere from Bloomies to J.Crew to boutiques around L.A. My favorite shoes are my New Balance running shoes - they're a throw-back to the '80s in neon yellow!

[Photo Credit: Benny Haddad]

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