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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Ruffles, Please

THE day I found out it was a girl, I went shopping. Duh. I found a whole new slew of brands I immediately and completely fell head over heels in love with...Kickee Pants was one them. The brand carries tons of amazing things, but for the first few months of baby, you kinda just want them to be that - a baby. And so as cute as skinny jeans and faux fur are, footies are where it's at. They're the most practical, indeed (considering I never left the house with little C. for at least two months). So...why not have the most adorable footies out there, right? There will be tons of visitors and I def wanna show off baby L. in her finest. ;)

Kickee Pants was nice enough to send me this sweet, sweet ruffle footie (they have tons of ruffles in their brand, by the way), and I absolutely adore it. I mean, looking at the front below, it's love. But when you notice the cuteness in the back, you just squeal! But honestly I can't even tell you the best; you'll have to feel for yourself. The first time I was in a store browsing and I was feeling all of the baby clothing (I'm so tactile), Kickee Pants left a huge spot on my heart. They have the softest lil' things around. It's actually made of mostly Bamboo Viscose...isn't that awesome? 

Annnnd it's in the details. The inside of the feet are actually lined with fleece to keep baby's feet warm, and the bottom is embroidered for a no-slip sole. Needless to say, I'm soooo excited to put baby L. in this her first few months of life. She was destined for pink ruffles. :) 

[Photo via Kickee Pants]

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