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Monday, October 14, 2013

Sugarpova Spooky Sour Gummie Spiders

This is such a random post, I know, but I think it's ridiculously cute that tennis star Maria Sharapova has her own candy collection now, called Sugarpova. Squeal! Such a sucker for a good play on words, I tell ya. And while these would be totally bad for my healthy pregnancy routine (haha, as I finish off a Twix in my hand), they sound so good. I laughed to D. as I asked him, what if we gave out only Sugarpova to the kids at Halloween? Fancy, dahlings. 

These here are the Spooky sour gummie spiders (stop it already, right? that sounds so good right now.) and this lil' sack here is $5.99. You can buy it here or if you're lucky to be near one, at Henri Bendel, Colette, Selfridges and more.

I mean, aren't they the prettiest spiders you've ever seen? (note: we have fake spiders everywhere right about now, due to little C's boyish obsession. it's a little nerve-wracking for this girl. these, however, might be welcomed with open arms. Sour. gummie. gimme.) 

Another thing...do you think Maria actually eats these? (scratching my head)
[Photos Courtesy Mehta Media Group]

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