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Thursday, November 21, 2013

5 Questions With...Super Celeb Stylist Estee Stanley

You guys. I'm such a fan of Estee Stanley and her work. She's a major player in the H-wood styling field, and if you've seen Lea Michele lately, well, enough said. She's a celebrity stylist, interior designer (hello, she launched HomeMint with Justin Timberlake), but also a mom and, ahem, shoe lover. Girls, without further ado...meet your newest BFF (cue the applause).

I Heart Heels: I hear your shoe closet is very good. Did you design it, and what are a couple of your favorite pairs?
Estee Stanley:
Shoes are one of my guilty pleasures! I did design my closet, but (of course) even though I designed it, there is still never enough room for my shoes. My favorite pair is an orange lace pair of Manolos with a low heel and pointed toe. They go with everything, even though they're orange. I can't live without them.

IHH: What brands do you flock towards when styling your celebrity clients for red carpet events (and who are you styling as of right now)?
My favorite is Giambattista Valli. No one makes a gown quite like Giamba. As of right now, I'm styling Lea Michele, Olivia Munn, Ali Larter and Jessica Biel, to name a few.

IHH: Since the holidays are approaching, what are a couple of simple rules when trying to dress to dazzle, but not be too over the top?
For the holidays, I love to pair a simple black dress with a colored shoe. Any suede Manolo pump in color is always a go to. Red suede, perhaps. 

IHH: You have kids, and I love stalking your kid's style site, Ladys & Gents! How do you find time to balance work/family, and how do you take the time for yourself to get dressed in the morning?
Well there are definitely not enough hours in a day, but I manage to balance my work/family life. Once I leave the office, it's family time. I don't respond to emails or open a computer. It’s just me, myself and my family!

IHH: What's your current handbag?
My current handbag obsession that I wear every day is my Viktor and Rolf Bombette bag. I have the black leather, so it goes with everything. I love it!

[Photo via Ladys and Gents]

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