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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dress My Bump with Isabella Oliver

And...POP! There's my belly in all its glory, folks. :) In case you haven't noticed, Isabella Oliver's ruched dresses leave nothing to the imagination and show off every, single curve. Which is a good thing in pregnancy...embrace them, yes? The key here is ruching in the perfect spots, and Isabella Oliver does them like no other. I usually roll my eyes when I see yet another ruched maternity shirt - they're usually not flattering one bit. But I've honestly never met an IO dress (tank or shirt) I didn't like (stay tuned for my maternity photos that feature yet another super gorgeous one!). 

Today I'm here to not only spread the love about Isabella Oliver, but to tell you about new campaign the brand has going called "One Dress Your Way." IO asked me to be a part of it by sending me this dress to show you just how versatile the ruched dresses can be (did you see the photo of my original pregnancy announcement? I was wearing a ruched dress there, too!). Here I'm wearing the Ruched Midi Maternity Dress ($169), and I went simple by playing on the vibrant cobalt blue color of the dress and contrasting it with a subtle lavender and nude...in my necklace, clutch (a gift from Revlon!) and heels (Chinese Laundry). Do you like it? (yes, I am still wearing heels...just not as much!)

Other ways I've worn this dress are: with faux fur (coming soon); with a black leather moto jacket; with a denim jacket. I think jackets work really well with it, whether cropped or longer (like my faux fur). A longer jacket can hide more of your backside, too (another plus if you were blessed in that department like moi. I'm no Kim Kardashian, but hey I could give her a run for her money!) But, seriously, you can really wear these dresses for work or play, and that's just one great thing about them, and why I think celebrities FLOCK to them (Halle Berry wore the green dress in my original post, and Jennifer Love-Hewitt wore the dress style I'm wearing here!).

With that being said, YOU can be a part of the "dress my bump" campaign, mamas. You actually have a chance to win $2000 to spend on the spring/summer 2014 collection! Nice, huh?? All you need to do is upload an image here of yourself wearing Isabella Oliver with the hashtag #dressmybump OR you can just tag the photo on Twitter and/or Instagram. So easy, and what a great prize! Trust me when I say these dresses can not only work during pregnancy, but for non-pregnancy as well. I'll def be wearing mine after baby L. arrives. So post-pregnancy chic! 

I haven't really had the chance to update you all on how things are actually going, and peeptoes crossed, they're going GREAT. I can't complain one bit as I head into the FINAL trimester. With little C, I had a pretty easy pregnancy up until the end when I had quite a bit of swelling, so my check-in each morning now is do my wedding rings fit? And yes, yes!! They do fit, and my shoes fit. I'm not swollen one bit yet, and that thrills me. I also just passed my gestational diabetes test and the doctor says all is a-ok. I'm meeting with my doula this week to finalize my "birth plan," since as most of you know by now I'm going for the gold and trying for a pain med-free birth. I've also been taking childbirth classes that have really prepped me mentally, and attending the chiropractor to help my joints align correctly. My Pilates class gets harder and harder as far as having to modify exercises, but in the end it makes me feel so much better - as well as regular walking. I still sorta crave junk food, but I'm getting way better at finding ways to sneak in fruit in smoothies and veggies at a couple of new fav spots in town. It's baby L's fault though for loving sprinkles! :) Here's to a healthy third trimester, and bring on the COLD. Can't wait to wear (and show you) all my new capes! xoxo

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