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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Studded Backpack? Yes, Please

Last night, I was soooo tired. Couldn't even think of something that inspired me to blog. That's tired. Then as I was browsing, ta-da! Total inspiration. My eyes are lit up. Rebecca Minkoff is having her annual sample sale in NY right now this week, and she also just launched her online gift guide this week. Not to mention, I'm carrying my Knocked Up baby bag left and right like it ain't no thang (hey, just prepping for baby, wink.). So RM's been on my mind. And now LOOK, what I found, y'all. The Selena Studded Backpack. Let me guess...you either love it or you hate it? (You've probably guessed my sentiments by now.)

Can we say punk rocker mama? I mean, I could totally see myself toting this bad boy around. Studs on my back...baby on my hip. :) You just can't go wrong with the double-front pockets for function and the silver studs for style. It's a smart combo I rejoice in, frankly. You can adjust the straps, it has a magnetic closure and several interior pockets. (with black and blue cheetah lining...gasping. out. loud.)

I can't say the cool factor is automatically included, but ya know, we've got that covered, right?

P.S. It's hard to mention the cool $595 it costs, but I'm thinking cost per wear here. And wouldn't this be worn with everything. Although no mom jeans allowed. Hair flip.

[Photo via Nordstrom]

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