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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: 1-2-3 Swaddle

First of all, it's sooooo weird how SwaddleDesigns decided to send me a cozy flannel swaddle blanket that matches baby L's nursery exactly (pink and gray? you guessed it!), and I LOVE it. OF course. Who wouldn't love something so snuggly and adorable with baby elephants and hearts all over it? I've already made it our own and put it inside the polka-dot boxes inside her changing table. :)

We used SwaddleDesigns blankets with little C. (who used to be baby C...tears!) and were huge fans. For just $25 (which isn't bad these days), you get the "ultimate" receiving blanket, as they like to call it. And since I'm known for birthing those winter babies (wink), my babies have especially loved the soft, flannel cotton that's also (key here) lightweight and breathable. I like to swaddle with them, but they're also great for just using as blankets in general. There are just so many cute prints, it's necessary to show them off! 

Bonus: there's an instructional label sewn on the blanket with easy-to-follow rules on how to swaddle. If that's not a first-time (hey, even a second time) mom's dream, I don't know what is! It takes some getting used to for learning the art of swaddling, but after awhile it becomes innate. 

Can't wait to snuggle my little L. in this blanket, y'all! xoxo

P.S. I'm still working on the nursery little by little. We have all of the furniture, we are just focusing on the walls now. So much harder the second time around when decorating with a toddler! :) Keep watching this space though for a final reveal...I think you'll love it. ;)

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