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Thursday, December 5, 2013

lucy's Holiday Campaign, #ChildsPose Anyone?

You guys. I found this new marketing campaign by activewear company lucy pretty hilarious, so I had to share these fun gifs with you. If you're a yoga/Pilates fanatic like myself, you'll appreciate them even more. Childs Pose is a stretch you do in class to stretch your lower back and arms, and release any extra tension. It's especially great for the spine after you've been extending your body on your stomach. The campaign encourages women to take a deep breath and drop into child’s pose wherever they may be!

Actress Elizabeth Banks (in collaboration with lucy's creative partner, mono, and with Camaraderie Films in Los Angeles) also made this short film (seen here) to further reiterate a series of difficult situations we women can all relate to. 

After seeing this campaign, I'm going to start saying #ChildsPose when I'm stressed...cracks. me. up. Maybe it's just my cheesy sense of humor/Pilates mind...anyone else?

P.S. lucy makes one mean pair of yoga/Pilates pants. Seriously one of my favs of all time (love the sleek design), and I'm still wearing them at almost eight months pregnant...gasp!

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