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Monday, December 30, 2013

Share the Joy with Starbucks Holiday Blend: Yum

Hey, y'all! I hope you've been enjoying your nice holiday break (you did get one, right??)! We've really been enjoying Christmas this year at the I Heart Heels house because little C. just turned four this month and, gosh, it's been the most special one yet. He's way into it, and it just makes it so much fun and sort of magical. :) It's also finally starting to feel like winter (yes, 50s is winter weather around these parts!), so we've been cozying up by the fire nearly every single, night by our tree, listening to Christmas music on the TV and, well, drinking our Starbucks (err, D. and I, that is). 

There's just something about winter weather that makes a mug of coffee feel so great, yes? I've never been a hot chocolate fan, but coffee? Omigosh, fill my mug, please! Starbucks has this amazing Holiday Blend, too, and if you haven't tried it yet, you better get on that. I'm here to "share the joy" with you and let you know it's a great roast. While I did taste it, I've been trying to drink my decaf Pike Place roast for the most part while I'm (heavily) pregnant), so I let D. do most of the actual gulping. He's pretty pleased with me for that gift, might I add (he's such a coffee drinker). He let me know with his expertise that this blend is a nice medium/dark one that's not too bitter at all and goes amazingly well with some of the holiday creamers of the season (we've used a special spiced latte flavor with ours and my, oh my...so good!). 

Besides the coffee being swell and perfect for the holiday season (I mean, how could a holiday blend not?), aren't the red and white mugs completely adorable and approp? (side note: the red & white one is totally dishwasher safe; the red one D. is using here? not so much. Hand wash only, dears!) There's something about drinking coffee out of a special mug that makes it taste that much better (and if you'll recall when I'm on the go, I drink mine out of my new alice + olivia tutu tumbler...blush). 

So, cheers to you and yours this holiday season. I really hope you are taking time to really stop and enjoy it with your family and friends. Don't miss a moment because they pass by way too quickly. I can't wait to share the joy as a family of *four* next season. Until then...happy holiday coffee drinking! xoxo

Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for this post, but was sent a box of holiday blend coffee and mugs to test out for the purpose of this review. All opinions remain my own. Peace. love. coffee.

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