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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Melissa Joan Hart Explains It All

 Celebrity crush secret. I've always had one on Melissa Joan Hart. Secret's out! I so wish I could find that horrible photo of me standing with "Clarissa" outside Nickelodeon Studios circa early-1990s. My gosh, my little heart skipped a beat when she agreed to a quick photo while on a snack run. MJH is such a real celebrity - don't you love those? She's an awesome actress, but also a wife, amazing mom of three boys and lover of fashion. And most recently add author to the list as she recently published her memoir Melissa Explains It All: Tales from My Abnormally Normal Life. 

I'm beyond thrilled to feature Melissa on I Heart Heels today - just a little sneak peek into her crazy-fun world - and her favorite shoes, obviously. ;)  

I Heart Heels: 2013 was a big year for you! Now that the holidays are over and the new year is here, what are a few things you want to accomplish in 2014, both personally and professionally?
Melissa Joan Hart: I want to find more time for some quiet reflection and playtime with my kids. I always go at a break-neck pace and I'm ready to slow down and enjoy the more subtle moments. 

IHH: I have a boy of my own. Give me four words to describe living in a house *full* of boys.
Crazy, messy, loud and adventurous.

IHH: Are there any youthful beauty secrets to looking like you've slept 10 hours?
Some cold water or ice packs under the eyes help freshen up the face, along with some great concealer and mascara to open up the eyes. But, hydration is the most important - and staying away from salty foods. 

IHH: What are your favorite shoes to wear when you're with your kids...when you're not with your kids?
MJH: Converse
sneakers are a must for busy moms. But I also love Fiorentini + Baker boots for a more polished look that keeps you mobile. I've also just acquired a pair of high-top wedge sneakers and some great looking Sorel snow boots with a wedge that help me look good and don't make my dogs bark. 

IHH: Where are your go-to places to shop for you...for the kids?
I'm starting to invest more in certain designers that make beautiful, but comfortable clothes like Vince, DVF, Vince Camuto and Rebecca Taylor. I have a hard time finding good boy clothes. My husband and I are flirting with starting our own line of clothes for boys. But meanwhile we usually shop at Tea, Janie and Jack or Mini Boden for them. 


[Photo Courtesy Melissa Joan Hart]

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