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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Win a Baby Bamboosa Hooded Towel!

There are so many things you need when having a baby, even if it's your second! And a hooded towel is definitely one of them. It's something every baby needs, into their toddler years, because it's so easy and cozy. I got really excited, too, when I discovered the brand Bamboosa. They must be the softest hooded baby towels on the planet. Um, do they make adult versions 'cause sign me up!

In fact, the company makes lots of products (baby clothing, even sleepwear for mama!), but these towels are a must-have and a bestseller. Of course when searching for a towel, this eco mama wanted something safe and gentle since it's so close to baby's bare skin, always. These towels are 80-percent viscose from organic bamboo and 20-percent recycled polyester made from recycled soda bottles. Cool, huh? The fabric is also free of chlorine and formaldehyde, which is extremely comforting (can you believe so many baby bathtubs are made of this stuff? Shudder.)

The towel is fast-drying and super, super, super soft (I can't stress the softness enough...yum!) At 30x30, it's a good size too, so you won't have to buy another for awhile. It's $32 and comes in this pale pink/green, but also natural/green, bright blue/green, and green/natural.

And if you're in the market for one for baby, today's your lucky day! To enter to WIN your baby's own, just enter your info in the box below. Good luck! xoxo

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[Photo via Bamboosa]


  1. i have a girl, but love the tahiti blue!!

  2. I love the tahiti blue, blue is always my favorite.

  3. The bright blue/green is my favorite.


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