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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cameron Diaz Collaborates with Pour La Victoire

I'm sorta excited (ok, realllllly) excited about the new Cameron Diaz and Pour La Victoire shoe collaboration. Crazy, beautiful, love. It's her first foray into footwear and I think she hit the point right on the stiletto. I mean, look at the beauties! Loving the one above, especially, and pretty pumped that this is only the first round. There might possibly (and probably will be) many more to come...if we're lucky. I'm hoping by fall, my ol' heel-wearing self will be at least halfway back in the game (you know I'm having a baby next week, right?). 

The heels seems to be pretty moderate (a plus for any of us in our practical lives, I imagine) and the color palette sublimely neutral. I love the architectural aesthetic of each design, and the fall collection itself is really one cohesive look, agree? These heels are all sexy, yet refined. They could def be for the freelance writer, or 9-5 businesswoman. I love that she told Footwear News, "I don’t want girls to aspire to be me. That’s not what this brand is about. It’s not about wearing a shoe I would wear. I want them to see themselves in this shoe."

And that I can! Um, all of them? I really hope we see lots of Cameron in the upcoming ad campaigns wearing the shoes...that would be so good.  

Tell me...which style is your favorite?

[Photos Courtesy Pour La Victoire]

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  1. YES - I saw these on People the other day and LOVED them. I can totally see Cameron wearing them but I can see me wearing them too!
    Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

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