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Monday, February 3, 2014

Prepping for Baby: Prenatal Massage Love

As most of you know, I'm having a second baby...eek! What's more, I'm due next week. ZOMG. I know, I can hardly believe it, either. Excited, anxious, scared, ready...there are so many emotions going on right now, girls. So, to calm my pregnant lil' body down (lil'? ha!), I decided to make the last several weeks of pregnancy pamper time. With little C. I think I only had one massage, and it was early on, let alone a pedicure. This time, I went all out and scheduled a much-needed pedi (love the Zoya "Lo" shade I chose...such a pretty, bright pink!), and, of course, a prenatal massage from Massage Envy. Ahhhhh....complete bliss, I tell you!

I've had a couple of other massages this month, but honestly this one was the best. For one thing, it was an entire hour. Let's face it...when you're tired, sore and pregnant, 30 minutes just doesn't cut it (hey, it doesn't really cut it for me on a normal basis...time flies so quickly!). And it you're not pregnant, by the way? Massage Envy caters to everyone...which is one of the best things about the place. There are zillions of types of massages (hot stone, swedish, sports, you name it) and facials, so you can customize, and you can create a monthly plan (in my dreams...if I only had the time these days). In fact, it's actually a membership spa, which is such a cool concept. My husband wants to join a golf club, I want to join a massage club, ok?

If you join, there are endless benefits - um, like cheaper, regular massages?? And they also sell Murad products, so you'll get those cheaper, too (love that). There are over 900 locations nationwide, and you can even schedule an appointment online. The whole experience is pretty stress-free, and that's how it should be, right?

When I arrived,I was the first appointment, so it was very serene and quiet, and the staff led me back to a waiting room where they got me water (thank you!) and I filled out my initial paperwork, which was easy, by the way. (I had to sign an extra release for being pregnant.) Once I finished, everything began (on time!) and my therapist Glenda led me to the room to get set up. I really loved the heated table and the super-soft micro-fleece blanket and pillows...hello. As with all my other prenatal massages, I laid on my side, and halfway through switched sides (easier said than done!). Glenda had made sure to ask ahead of time the areas I wanted to work and once she started she checked the pressure, which was awesome (I went with light this time, since I'm pregnant). I loved how she followed my lead and remained pretty quiet, as I don't usually like to talk during my massage, and I found myself about to drift off to sleep (I mean, wouldn't that be embarrassing? I'm sure they're used to it!). 

A few key things I loved beside the bed comfort? She didn't lather on tons of creams and lotions that felt gross; she worked everything - right down from my scalp to my feet. I loooove how she massaged my scalp (sometimes therapists will totally skip that!), and so crazy but I loved having my arms massaged. A lot of water weight has ended up in my forearms, hands and fingers, and I could literally feel her rubbing it away. So. Good. It's nice that Massage Envy has someone especially trained in prenatal because that's really what you need!

Afterwards I really felt incredibly relaxed (I mean, when an annoying driver was in front of me I didn't even get mad), and drank lots of water to continue to flush out the toxins. It's amazing to me how a massage can do wonders for the body and soul, we just don't think about it. I think I slept like a baby that night! (wait, babies don't sleep well?) 

Anyway, if you're looking for a massage - prenatal or not - I highly rec Massage Envy to get the job done. And click over to MassageEnvy.com to see all of their offerings and an endless list of benefits. It's so worth taking time out of our busy schedules to do this once and awhile! Thank you, Massage Envy!

Disclaimer: While my prenatal massage was provided free of charge by Massage Envy, all opinions remain my own. And, of course, if your pregnancy is high risk or if it's your first, always consult your physician before getting a massage.

[Photo via Massage Envy]

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