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Friday, February 21, 2014

Saunder Brings a Little Film Noir to Fall Fashion

By Kafi Drexel

Native New Yorker, Emily Saunders pulls on a cross between film noir and the graphic appeal of the 1980s for this year's post-Labor Day looks for her Saunder collection. Global influence comes from 80s British miniseries “The Singing Detective” about a novelist who has hallucinogenic fantasies about being a wartime detective while hospitalized for a chronic skin disease (whew! That's alot!). 

With that you get a mix of dark-wigged models walking down a wood-floor runway in mini-velvet smoking jackets as dresses (cool look!). Sticking to the smoking theme, models used electronic cigarettes as props while our fictional pulp writer tapped away notes as a living prop off to the side of the main action. Incorporating the 80s graphic pop theme, Saunders stitched beaded cigarettes onto cardigans and blouses. 

It all made for an interesting showing against the backdrop of the High Line Hotel, built in 1895 and once seminary quarters for soon-to-be Episcopal ministers. Favorite dresses of mine included a high-waisted black and red babydoll cut with a super plunge neckline (the “Red Low Down Dress”). I was also a fan of the copper on top and green on the bottom, pleated high mini-dress. Paired with AskAlice by George Mang shoes these looks had smart but cute girl traction. 

This is the only smoking-related habit I'm likely to pick up in the near future. 

[Photo Credit: Kafi Drexel]

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