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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Celebrating Milestones

During pregnancy and after babies born are both times when it's so much fun to celebrate milestones. With little C., I tried to capture my pregnant belly when I could, but it was before the time of such cute, cute stickers like these from Sticky Bellies! (so now I have to sort of guess how far along I was in the photos) I mean, what will they think of next? I was super excited to try these out, and while I didn't try the pregnancy ones until the very end (this was literally right before I went into labor, y'all!), I'm squealing with excitement to capture baby L. wearing them every month. In fact, she just had her first one-month milestone! These things are so genius...you just peel, stick and snap the photo. Such a great way to remember the moment. (um, and pretty glad I didn't ever have to use the overdue sticker that reads "any day now!" ha)

So, I got baby L's first sticker out of the changing table drawer first thing in the a.m. and kept putting the photo off all morning until the afternoon when she was asleep the entire time. Sigh. I then thought I would feed her and make her happy, then that would be the perfect time for the photo. Right?? Well, she fell asleep again for a brief moment and then proceeded to have her crankiest bout in history (she's never that cranky, folks!) and peed all over her pants. So glam, eh? So...in between fits I managed to stick the precious sticker on the precious baby on her precious gray and white striped onesie and in her precious crib (that she doesn't sleep in just yet) and capture a quick moment with just sweet baby L...oh, and her elephant. ;) Love. It.

Babies have their own schedule and I'm trying to get used to this yet again. It's certainly not easy, but I wouldn't trade that sweet face for anything in the world. Not even chocolate. 

Here's to hoping month number two goes slightly smoother...but, err, we won't cross our peeptoes. (is it wrong I'm already picking out the onesie though?)

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