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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Skincare At Its Simplest

I sometimes feel like a broken record, but in a good way! I love using beauty products good for me. Obviously we can't weed out all the bad stuff in cosmetics (there's just way too many), but if we make a conscious effort every time we use something on our bodies, that's a great start. Especially for pregnant and nursing mamas since we're responsible for two of us...yikes! No pressure. 

I was happy to discover Nine Naturals at the very end (sadly, the last week) of my pregnancy and I'm so glad I did because now I can use it while nursing. It's safe and every product I've used smells so good. (hey, it's the little things...showers themselves are actually a luxury these days!)

I've tried several of the Nine Naturals product line-up, but perhaps my two favs are the Citrus + Geranium Soothing Pregnancy Body Wash ($20) and the Unscented Moisturizing Pregnancy Body Cream ($19). I'm such a sucker for a great body wash, but it's really hard to find one without yucky chemicals in it. This one smells so, so good...I love the citrus like whoa. It's a very invigorating scent and makes me feel so fresh and clean (throwback to old-school Outkast, anyone?). Come to find out, it also includes ingredients to take itchiness away, and, get this, the essential oils even help harmonize emotions and hormones. Hey, load me up because they don't stop after pregnancy, gals!

I especially love the creamy "whipped" feel of the body cream and while I do like the scent of the body wash, it's great that this cream is unscented since it stays on my body overnight. I wouldn't want to offend baby L with anything drastic! While it's a little late for stretch mark prevention for moi (I always tend to get mine after baby...sigh...but they do go away!), a trio of butters, including mango and shea really help moisturize to the core. And it doesn't feel greasy at all...no, really! Now it's just finding the time for this extra step in my crazy-quick beauty routine at night these days...ugh. Some day I envision myself just lounging around lightly spreading the butter on my skin as I sip a mimosa after my long bath. Haha, for now I can dream...and I'm ok with my super-simple routine - for the moment.

[Photo via Nine Naturals]

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