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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Let's Talk About Weight

I hate to do it, but let's talk weight. Can we? Can I just be really honest with you and tell you I'm uncomfortable with my weight right now? I know, I had a baby two months go, but nevertheless, I'm self conscious and don't feel like myself. I'm working hard to eat right and exercise to get back in pre-baby shape, but the PRESSURE. New moms already face a ton of pressure to juggle daily tasks and make the zillions of decisions they make daily for their kids. And now weight? Just leave. me. alone. 

We hear it over and over, but society truly does have this "image" of what a good-looking person should be. Where did it even come from? Well, the media certainly doesn't help...shrug. I stumbled upon this link (and trust, it's not the first of its kind) yesterday that made me wanna hide in my tummy-taming yoga pants. Three weeks? I'm nearing three months, folks. This chick's not normal, I am, thanks. 

A few weeks ago I walked into a local retail store to shop for something oversized to fit my current body size. I scoured the racks...small...extra small...small...one medium. Do they even CARRY large? Heavens, extra large would be a crime. No one helped me. No one smiled at me. No one really even looked at me. They thought surely I wasn't there to shop, because I couldn't fit into anything. Hair flip. I walked out of that store...where I used to shop...so angry. And embarrassed for the store. And sorta angry at society. You guys. You can't help me try on a pair of skinny jeans because I'm not...skinny. For shame. 

I just had a baby. A precious, tiny human being. I brought life into this world and now my body's different. But you know what? I'm trying to embrace all of that. Feel proud of myself (hey, sales girl, you try to give birth naturally) and stop comparing myself to those around me. Whether it's a sales girl or a celeb, I should be proud of my body no matter its size...without all the pressure. I can rock a chic skirt in an extra large just like the girl in an extra small. I know I'll get to my previous size with my hard work, but I'm not worried. I'm just enjoying the (slow) ride for now. 

And when the ride is over, I can't wait to step back in that retail store...just for kicks. No girls, you can't help me. Wink. 

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