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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

alice + olivia Reveals Amazing Shoe Candy for Fall

By Kafi Drexel, Contributor 

Okay, it's been a hot minute since we visited the alice + olivia showroom for an up-and-personal look at Stacey's fall line. But that's how long it took us to get over how amazing our collection of heels is about to become when we cover our toes back up after summer. 
We hate it when summer comes to an end, and it is kind of lame to already be talking about it. But let's relish in the fact that these A + O picks will finally be ours for the taking/buying. Just make sure you don't find yourself standing in a puddle of your own drool. You don't want to slip while wearing any of these sure-fire "shoe cam" gems. (Yes, we're pretty sure if a celeb showed up to the Wendy Williams Show in these they would get the most shoe cammage ever). 

Let's start off with a strong examination of A+O's classic "Dina" pump. You usually find it in Stacey Bendet's traditional black suede. That's more than all fine and good and in our humble opinions...every woman should have a nude or black pair in their wardrobe because they simply look stunning with any skirt or dress. What we're loving is the spin on the "Dina" from pony hair to mesmerizing metallic blue. Ummm, we'll sign up for all of that! 

Ok, on to some of the whimsical stuff. Nothing beats a bit of fur around your ankle boot when it gets cooler out there...it will certainly make you cooler. We're totally in sync with the bejeweled holiday pumps, and downright giggly over the signature black, white and red pumps with the classic SB sunglasses, and red lips that come in a perfect duo. We adore this woman and all of her creativity. It's a challenge to get better with every collection. She's one of the few that always finds a way to do it. 

In keeping with fall looks, fringe is definitely part of the A+O pump game, along with sky-high boots! We plan to make mouths drop and maybe win more than a few hearts in these showstoppers. 

[Photo Credit: Kafi Drexel]

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