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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Our Little (Sleepy) Traveler

Ok, so we're baaaaack! From our beach vacay, that is. The title and photo of this post make you think this precious little jewel of baby L slept the entire time. Bwahahaha. But doesn't she look so sweet and innocent? Here's how it went down. Keep in mind, she's four months 
old, so let's cut her some slack. ;)

The photo above was taken on the very first leg of our trip, as she donned her new Zoe B Organic sleepy hat (only $18 on Amazon.com!). As soon as we took off, I put this puppy on her, and thank the heavens. It was about 2:00 p.m. and she had the "sunny side" of the car. And since her lousy car shades don't do much shading (and this is before I discovered my Philip Lim dress would be an amazing shade), this hat took one for the team. She slept so well with it, and I must admit it was soooo adorable! Funny thing is I went to check back on her once I heard her stir, popped up the hat from over her eyes and her little peepers were just staring at me. Swoon. 

Luckily we only had four hours to drive that day and a quick dinner stop helped break things up. Day two was a seven-hour drive and I must admit, baby L was a trooper. Since I'm still nursing, I just kept pumping in the car (I know, crazy right? Rest assured, I was covered.)  because it was the easiest way for us to keep driving. 

Each time I thought she was sleepy, I'd put on her sleepy hat, which is all organic and so soft, might I add. 

The trip back was an entirely different story. baby L had had enough of her car seat and was exhausted from the week. We ended up having to transfer her to my parents' car halfway because she was making little C so worked up. Bless him. I guess I should've used the sleepy hat here, but it was a little hot after spending some time at the beach that morning and I didn't want to cover her head. 

Day two on the way back went very well. baby L had gotten rest at the hotel and we left early. She always does way better in the early a.m.! Note to self. 

Anyway, we survived our first big road trip...with two...and now I'm happily content to just stay put with them for awhile. Hey, she can wear the hat on small trips to grandma's house. ;) 

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