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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Trimdown Thursday: An Update on My Workout Routine

So...I went shopping at Marshall's via a gift card they provided. It's my fav place for workout clothes & I bought all three pieces here for $50. 
Can I be honest with you? I'm so ready for this body to bounce back. Silence. Go ahead, body, bounce back. I'm waiting...Sigh. If you've ever had a baby you KNOW what I mean. If you've ever had more than one baby, you reallllllly know. We're now all a club of BFFs who just know how completely hard it is to lose weight, and if you're not a major fitness buff, how miserable it can be. And me? I like things to happen quickly. I don't understand when it takes things awhile to happen (hence while I sorta love New York and its ability to get me my coffee...a new purse...a ride to the other end of the island...in no time flat). I know, I know. It took nine months to pack it on, so it will take at least that long to get it off. 

Since it's my last time to "bounce back," I think I'm dragging just a little. I'm also nursing a little longer with no plans to stop anytime soon (it's only been five months). Honestly? I resent my huge nursing boobs, and I feel like if I had stopped nursing by now I could've weaned her...and eaten as little or whatever I wanted to lose these last 15 pounds. Wouldn't have to worry about a baby to feed. But, I do have a baby to feed. And weaning for vanity seems so selfish. I'm not worried this last chunk of weight will come off, and I think that's what's got me moving slower this time around. Baby is my priority, not the weight. I guess I've matured a little since I had my first baby and weaned right around this time. 

With that being said I have a new workout routine for the next two months...remember my deadline is New York Fashion Week? Right now I'm on track to lose it all THE week I leave. Scary, right? I think I can do it, but if I can't, there will be a lot of oversized tunics involved. In black. 
Here's a little bit of what I'm doing:

1. Pilates: I've been an avid fan since 2008, and practiced up until the last month of my pregnancy. It's what helped me lose baby weight #1, so why shouldn't I rely on it? The first time around I had enough time to attend my group class three times a week, but this time I'll be trying for twice (and that's stretching it). This also includes some weight training. 

2. Private Training: The above Pilates is mat work and with a group. Once a week, I'll be toning and burning with my Pilates instructor B. who will whip these abs into shape on the reformer and machines. At least, I'm hoping so. She's good, so I'm hoping she'll work her magic. 

3. Cardio: This, my friends, is the kicker. I use the two mornings little C is away to get a grueling three-mile stroller walk in (with hills), and then try to get at least two (maybe three) more days in of either stroller or just me. Let me tell ya, it's HOT out there. (Why did I sell my treadmill again?)

4. Pure Barre: How could I leave? It's just too. good. After all, it's what has gotten me to this point! I'll be attending these classes 1-2 times per week to fill out my schedule...and to keep my legs and butt looking toned (PB has done wonders here!). This is also great for some weight training. 

So, that's my new routine and we'll see how it works this month. It's all about switching it up to really challenge the body...and to have fun without getting bored with a workout. See you back here next week...maybe two pounds lighter? ;)

P.S. Congrats to Lauren H. for winning the Pure Barre 3-class package! Time to lift, tone & burn, girl! Xoxo 


  1. You look fab-as usual-and I don't know how you do it all while juggling your "mama duties"! ;)

  2. Thank you! Honestly I'm not sure how anything gets done!!


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