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Monday, August 25, 2014

Secret Hair Weapon: Tangle Teezer

I have LOTS of hair. It's genetic, folks. My mom def gave me her hair genes, and for that I'm thankful. Except when it gets tangled into a mess. 

I wasn't sure at first about this whole Tangle Teezer thing, but thought I'd give it a try since I now sleep on my hair every night as it airdries (le sigh. life of a chic mom.). My hair texture is naturally wavy and I fought it for years. Why, I'll never know because my hair is quite possibly the easiest thing on the planet now (which is why I say embrace your natural texture, y'all.). And with the help of this handy gadget every day, I'm so set. 

I used to use a fine-tooth comb to just "barely" go through my waves, but with the Tangle Teezer, it automatically barely goes through my hair. That's its job! It's pretty amazing. At first I thought it wouldn't work on my hair because (shhhh) I rarely really even "brush" my hair. But that's precisely why this hair tool is the best. It grazes over the hair and gets all the tangles out, but it keeps the style. 

Love. It. 

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