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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Let Preschool Begin

little C. Preschool. This week. EEK. If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you'll know the last two weeks have been CRAZY. While I'm definitely not ready to talk about it, and maybe never will be, I had to share with you how much more confident I am sending little C off to preschool after orientation. Whhhhhhew. Huge sigh of relief knowing he loves his new classroom and teacher. I just know he'll do great because, I'm not biased or anything, he is completely brilliant. Gone are the days I can keep him entertained at home...this boy needs a challenge! (And honestly? I've already helped him choose his shoes! Wink.) 

I was a little crushed to find out the teacher had cups and a snack bag ready for them to use. After all, we were just sent this super-cute orange (his fav) ZoLi Baby DASH cup ($26) and snack container. Ugh. The teacher informed me I could bring his if I want and I thought to myself duh. Besides the fact that he loves his new cup to pieces (he took to it right away), it seriously keeps his water (that's all he drinks) cold (or hot if needed) for hours. And little C looooves his "ice cold water." So to school this cup goes! 

We're using the DINE snack container ($25) for outings and it's amazing, too. Both of these are made of high-quality BPA, lead and phthalate-free stainless steel with a special double-walled construction and a vacuum seal. It's a shame they use a Ziplock bag to send snacks in for his preschool because I was so ready to show off this puppy! (I mean, I could've packed soooo many more options than a granola bar.) 

Oh, and can I also mention in prep for this big day I went a little label crazy. Ugh. I can't help the Virgo in me! (I labeled every sock and got a little too excited each time I did.) little C was thrilled with the labels sent to us by Mabel's Labels (obviously I can't show you the whole thing since I don't use his name, and I apologize for the crazy photo, but again, this week is weird). The labels are yellow, orange and blue with basketballs...squeal! And there's even a hangtag for his backpack. While some moms were scrounging to write names on white labels with a marker, I used our fancy labels and didn't have to stress. So. Easy. 

And I love how amazingly sturdy these are because they don't come off (but will if you have to) and wash zillions of times, so you don't have to remove them from the washer or dishwasher. Best invention for preschooler ev-er. Now, I'm sorta considering some for myself complete with pink hearts? ;)

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