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Monday, September 15, 2014

Charlotte Ronson Is Dreamy & Girly for Spring 2015

Oxford shirt dresses, denim shorts, blue leather jackets and lots of cropped overlays embodied the Charlotte Ronson presentation for spring 2015. As usual, this is a collection we can all wear and make our own, and I love that about Charlotte's work. It appeals to the masses. It's friendly...it's fun...yet it's so cool-girl chic not just any girl can wear it. It takes a certain girl with a little downtown edge...the one with the effortlessly cool vibe, much like Charlotte herself. Did I mention there were bedazzled Tevas?

I love these presentations because you can get up right next to the clothing (versus a runway show, which is cool in other ways). You can really observe a collection this way and I love having the individual looks side by side (behind a polka-dot rope, no less) to see how the story unfolds for the entire collection. Because the cropped top isn't going away for spring, I absolutely swoon over the way CR incorporated the overlay into so many of the soft, elegant pieces. It's evident blue and cream will be big hues come spring, and I love the variations in the shades that she used. Overall, a collection I can see myself wearing over and over come milder temps. 

P.S. Of course her sister Samantha Ronson was in the house spinning the tunes, and my sister and I attended the afterparty at Avenue that night. It's always a fav of mine because it's just as chill as ever. There's usually champagne and pizza and the entire family just hangs out like it's their living room. In fact, Charlotte hailed a cab upon departure just like the rest of us. Such a family full of talented and fun people!


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