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Monday, September 15, 2014

Kate Spade Spring 2015 Is Adorable

The first presentation I attended during spring 2015 fashion week was this one by Kate Spade. We literally landed at LaGuardia, checked into The Empire and got dressed to head down to Chelsea for this amazing presentation. It was one I absolutely did not want to miss because it was the first time I had seen this brand in action. It didn't disappoint one bit. We rode up a very old-fashioned elevator (ya know, the kind where they have to pull a huge chain?) and when we stepped out we were immediately surrounded with Kate Spade happiness. Grass was actually placed on the floor and models were glamly perched atop white blocks modeling THE cutest purses I've ever seen in my life. (gonna need that snail, stat.)

Crisp white was everywhere and I loved the floral theme. "Fresh starts, taking chances, and a feeling that anything is possible is my inspiration for this season," said Chief Creative Officer, Deborah Lloyd. The breakdown?

Silhouettes = relaxed and elegant
Colors = poppy and graphic (think grass green, fresh white and black)

These are "pieces that can take you anywhere, on any adventure." 

I mean, don't you love this concept and this collection? Crop tops + florals + snail bags + sunnies. I kinda want it all for spring. Can I?

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