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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: H&M Back to School Style

Omg. What a little poser. My lil' H&M guy. Swoon. Since school has started back and fall (and my birthday) is only a couple of weeks away, I thought I'd share some back to school fashion goodness with you. While little C just started private preschool where they wear uniforms (yawn), I'm really loving this denim shirt with bright pants for his "everyday look." (Giggle.)

While he's not wearing shoes here (southern loving), he's obsessed with his tennis shoes these days, so that's exactly what he'd wear with this outfit (I'll have to hide the Crocs as I do every fall. We must move on from summer.) While the past couple of days here have been warm down south, I can already feel the morning and evening cool in the air and I. Love. It. Fall here, while very short lived, is a glorious time of year. We can actually play outside!

And while little C is not "into" fashion one bit (he'd rather I pick out every, single thing he wears, insisting he "doesn't care"), let me tell you he's way into these pants. Yellow is one of his new favorite colors (he's a warm-tone dude, gravitating towards oranges and yellows), and he was ecstatic to find these pants sent to him in the mail. Note: They come in tons of fun colors! (I honestly think he stalks the street for FedEx just as much as I do these days. Sweet, blogger child.) 

The pants are just slightly big at the moment, but are true to size as he's just graduating to a 5. (And we always have to roll everything up for awhile.) The shirt is amazing because it snaps, so it's easy for him to put on by himself (thank you, H&M designers). That doesn't mean bribery isn't still involved here as he claims "helpless" most days. Le sigh. But the shirt is actually a size down from what he normally wears and it fits fine. So you might wanna size down on this, unless you want it to be longer. What a great versatile shirt tough. All kids and adults need a staple denim shirt in the closet! And once it becomes too small, I'll just layer a tee under it and leave the denim unbuttoned on him (a la when I was pregnant lol).  

H&M is such a no-brainer shopping spot for little C. Why? Because I can stock up on trendy pieces I love (hey, since he doesn't care) at a very inexpensive price. These soft, cotton twill pants are $9.95...what?! Not to mention, I love their new organic line! The way kids grow out of things so quickly, buying chic and inexpensive is the ideal way to go. Can't wait to get more pieces for fall/winter!

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