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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Trying Out My Amika Hair Wand

Over the next few months I'll be exploring how to use my new hair wand. As with any product I've been sent, it takes me a couple of months of staring at it on the counter before I have the time to truly embark. This weekend? I MADE time. Ya have to, folks. 

I'm super excited to own this piece of amazingness from Amika. It's THE first hair tool you can customize for your hair. Squeal! This hair wand comes with a switch kit so that you can choose the barrel size you want for your curls.

I chose the Glam Goddess this week with the 1.25" barrel. My hair is soooo long it doesn't hold curl like shorter hair might, and keep in mind I'm still perfecting my curling wand technique (um, that's me over here watching YouTube...blush). But overall I was happy and my husband could tell a difference (that's plenty of evidence it works right there, folks). I expected my curls to be bigger, so I'm going to keep practicing and show you my Supermodel curls next week. I think there might be a big difference there. And I think I'll blow dry my hair straight before I use it next time. (Duh, shoulda thought of that.)

But overall? I think I'm going to l-o-v-e using this tool! Too much fun! Come back next Monday to see the next barrel results. 

P.S. Get it only at Sephora. Oh, and I've heard from too many people...make sure you wear the glove. This thing gets HOT. :)

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