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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Functional (and Sexy!) Nursing Lingerie

I get that it's a little weird discussing nursing bras on here when it probably doesn't apply to 90 percent of you. BUT in hopes that it does apply to you or you will tell someone you know who is, I'm incredibly obsessed lately with Hotmilk Lingerie

The brand is based in New Zealand but sold worldwide, and celebs like Kourtney Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson and Samantha Harris are just as obsessed as I am. Why?

It's all about the fit. I can tell after just a few wears of a nursing bra whether it's going to fly with me or nah. I've been wearing both the Eclipse and the Eternal styles in black, alternating between them. The Eternal style is very basic and I loooove it for everyday, especially with all the tees I wear. It's so incredibly comfy and the straps are easy to release with one hand (so important). If you buy one bra in the line-up, buy this one. 

The Eclipse is slightly fancier with a lil' lace and jewel on it...ohhh la la. And while at first glance it just doesn't look as comfy, it really is! And you get the benefit of looking glam, too. I mean, we can't stop trying, gals, even if we're new moms. I find, too, that when my underthings are nice, I feel really good, too. It's the little things. 

Thank you to Hotmilk for making this mama have a super-sweet nursing wardrobe. It makes nursing that much easier! (And we know it's not an easy task!) Here's to another month...going for nine...

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