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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Going Gluten Free

Gluten free. By now, you've heard of it and whether you roll your eyes at it or practice it in your own home and diet, it's something a lot of people are talking about lately. 

Obviously, it's a must if you have celiac disease, but what if you simply have an intolerance? There's not a clear-cut test for this, and it can be challenging (take it from this mama). My personal theory is that we could all use things in moderation and too much gluten isn't great for anyone's gut. It's not just a trend for our house, it's a way of life. Trust me when I say if I didn't think it was good for us, I wouldn't worry about it because it's not easy. 

Bread is the biggest gluten-free product in our diet (other than pasta and granola bars). My favorite brand is Canyon Bakehouse. We've tested tons and this, by far, has the softest, most bread-like consistency. It's the closest to "real" bread and there are several versions of it. We like the 7-Grain when we can, but the Mountain White is also great. There's also a Cinnamon Raisin and Rosemary & Thyme Focaccia. We were sent samples and went through them like whoa. 

We fix a lot of sandwiches now that little C is in preschool because sometimes he'll stay all day and bring his lunch. He also loves toast with organic jam for breakfast and he'll even ask for this bread as just a snack (no sugary sweets here!). 

While little C doesn't have celiac (he's been tested), I think cutting out gluten (and as much dairy as we can), really can affect his behavior. He's much more calm and pleasing to be around m. So I say if he likes it, and it seems to make him feel better (for all we know he's intolerant), then why not? Bad behavior is no fun and the food he eats certainly affects him. 

Canyon Bakehouse makes going gluten-free so much easier (because honestly there's some yucky stuff out there). See you in the Whole Foods aisle (and if there's none left, you'll know where they went. Wink.)! 

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