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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: This Playard is a Breeze

Did you read my last post about me learning patience. OMG. This is a big one for me. I actually wrote this post and upon trying to edit it, deleted it. The entire thing. Yep, I did. And I'm writing this now through clenched teeth trying to figure out why it happened, when instead I should be focused on telling you how amazing the 4moms breeze playard is. 

Yes, 4moms sent me this amazing playard to test out with baby L. But I'm not just going through the motions here. We. Love. I squealed with delight as it arrived, and upon opening I pushed the button to unfold it. You read that right...the button. This playard is a breeze because it truly has ONE button to push to open it and then you just snap it down. ONE. I know, I get giddy just telling you about it! (And trust me, if ya had messed with our playard we used to own with little C, you would be giddy, too.) 

The breeze is the luxury label of all playards and rightfully so. What other one can you think of that folds and unfolds so easily...is comfy enough for baby to sleep...and it looks good in your living room? This playard easily blends into the rest of the home without looking like a tacky playpen. Chic mamas with chic babies rejoice!

Unfortch, baby L was already too chunky for the bassinet feature, but we plan to get lots and lots of use out of the breeze as a play spot. You know, so I can pick up around the house...make a snack (for me, for crying out loud)...use. the. bathroom. Things like that. Right now she's either sitting in it with her toys around her, or lying down. Before I know it, she'll be pulling up and crawling around in it, and that's when the breeze will really make my life a breeze. Because what busy mama has time to spend figuring out outdated, clunky playards? Not moi. Hair flip. 

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