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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Win $100 at Old Navy with Well Rounded NY

One of my fav sites for chic pregnant mamas (and shoot, I'll admit it, I still read it now) is Well Rounded NY. Love. It. They really have the best mama tips (such as how to cut down on wireless radiation during pregnancy) and I'm addicted to the style posts. For nine months, I was glued to these Q&As to try to scout out what chic mamas have on the brain! (Oh, and it helps I was once one of them. Read here. Wink.) 

This week features Rachel Drori of Daily Harvest (it's an organic, ready-to-blend smoothie delivery service - how cool is that? Moving to NYC juuuust for that, please)...and her fav eats in NYC (gosh, I could only imagine being pregnant in NYC...I'd def be in trouble with the desserts!). 

And besides Rachel's baby bump cuteness, click over to win a $100 Old Navy gift card from our friends at Well Rounded NY. Squeal!!! I hope you win because Old Navy's got some really great stuff - maternity and non - right now. Good luck!

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