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Thursday, November 6, 2014

How I Wore My Ankle Booties, Plus Giveaway!

It's almost the weekend...yay! And today I'm realllllly excited because it's my first shoe giveaway in forever. And while you all know I'm a heels girl, the year of the baby (err, this year) has been mostly about smaller wedges and ankle booties (my fav). I've been scoping out this studded black pair by Rampage for a little while, and since I do a lot of freelance for the ShoeMinded blog, they invited me to hop on board with this giveaway (love you guys, really).

The Rampage Western Wrecker Booties ($39.99) have a slight cowboy feel, but it's very subtle. They mostly just look like a really sleek pair of edgy booties that you'll wanna wear with everything in your wardrobe. They definitely fit right over any of your skinny jeans and when you wear them with black, they elongate your legs even more. (We all love that, right?) They also come in a gorgeous cognac hue or if you're on the wild side, red (gasp). 

Plaid is pretty much on every girl's it list this fall, so if you don't have a button down yet, get thee to the plaid store asap. This one came from Zara while I was in New York in September during fashion week. I actually had buyer's remorse immediately after because everything is so inexpensive at Zara, yet this shirt cost me $60. You know what? I've worn it every single week since it turned fall, and haven't looked back. Best. purchase. ever. It's fun to be fashionable and comfortable these days with a baby on one hip. ;) (Hence, the reason, too, why I wear my favorite Chewbeads necklace. This is the Waverly necklace and baby L loves to chew on it...I love to wear it! Win. Win.)

And of course I wear my faux leather leggings with it with a sleeker look (we don't wanna really want the dear ol' dad plaid look). I added my fav GiGi New York monogrammed clutch for a pop of color. Because while black is back this season, ya gotta have a little fun!

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P.S. baby L. turns nine months old next week and I'm finally at my pre-baby weight...squeal!!! Nine months on, nine months off...it's true. AND she's sleeping through the night. Let's dance!
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  1. 7.5 shoe size here!! {*crossing fingers... and toes!}
    ~ Kim Pincombe Cole

  2. Congrats on your weight loss goals! That's awesome!!


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