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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: All the Pretty Horses

Those pants though. Just call her Miss Fancypants. Go ahead and tell me this girl has a wardrobe too big for her size, because I know it. Having a baby girl is as much fun as I ever imagined. If ever there was a little girl who loved her dolls and dress-up, it was me. I adored my Cabbage Patch dolls more than anything (I still remember many of their names) and loved taking care of them. So, I guess even though for awhile I never considered myself even having kids (!), I always had it in me a bit. Dressing baby L each morning is very similar to how I would dress my babies as a little girl. :)

Macaroon Kids is a gorgeous shop based in Australia full of handmade and very whimsical children's clothing. I was super excited to receive these Pretty Horses harem pants from them to try on baby L. It was fate that they match her striped cardigan already in her closet. (Psst...there is a dress in the shop in this print, too!)

Sizing on these runs from 6-12 months to 3 years (keep in mind, they're handmade so every pair is different, but I do think they run on the smaller size if you're babe is in between) and these can be pre-ordered now. It's a new, fun print you're sure to love. Baby L gets compliments on them everywhere she goes. As you know, we have a minor obsession with baby harem pants and these are really a standout in the collection. Thank you, Macaroon Kids, for keeping baby L so chic in her pretty horses!

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