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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: My First Melissas {Squeal}

Oh my goodness gracious Geeeee. Would ya look at these, mamas? I'm hiding my eyes because I can't stand the cuteness. These are quite possibly the cutest tiny shoes I've laid eyes on right up next to my Manolos. Can you sense from my tone the crazy squeals I'm letting out over these sweet things? Because I ammmm. Mini Melissa has THE most adorable baby girl shoes (uh, even big girl shoes) on the planet for your mini me. So when I saw these I thought I'd post and maybe *some* one in family might see just before the holidays? Wink.

Baby L needs "My First Melissas" like she needs fruits and vegetables. I mean, they're a must in this future fashion blogger slash shoe lover's closet, right? The big bow says it all. I'm sweet...and my mama has good taste in shoes. These. Are. Stellar. 

Look at that little peeptoe!!! Pick me up off the floor. Too much. 

P.S. And since these are the infamous Melissa brand, these plastic beauties probably smell so, so good. Bonus. 

[Photos Courtesy Melissa]

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