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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Cutest Mocs Ever

Hey, mamas! Yes, it's almost winter and Christmas is SO near, but in the world of shoes and fashion, we're always looking to the future. And if I wasn't just *bursting* at the seams to show you these spring shoes from Livie & Luca. Squeal! Aren't they simply presh? 

No, baby L isn't already this grown up (let's not think about that! Tear.) This is our friend C who is three and the most adorable cutie ever, right? I mean, those braids. 
Little girl C is loving the new Rover style (she's wearing gray) from Livie & Luca that launches this spring. She was thrilled when we let her "shoe test," as you can see. Who wouldn't love that job, right? 
We've always loved Livie & Luca so much because of the superior quality, and honestly the designs just stand out from the rest. The company also uses eco-friendly materials and the soles are soft and flexible and good for the feet. 

All of the colors in the Rover are amazing, and really this moc style is suitable for girl or boy. I think I had a pair like this in high school...remember that phase? I just adore this style to this day and little girl C tells me she's def a fan of the fit and style of these. Cute with jeans, yes?
Hey, any shoe you can get a three-year-old to willingly wear is a winner in my book. 

Shop the Rover (and another super-cute Georgie style) come spring at livieandluca.com. 

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