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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Chanel is for Lovers

Happy Friday, friends! 

I've always been a fan of blue, but when it comes to blue Chanel, I melt. Can't. Take. It. I mean, just pick me up off the floor. So I created this mood board to show you just how I'd style the coveted blue Chanel - from hair and makeup to heels. Squeal! 

I'm always obsessing over distressed denim and anything with cute and witty banter on the shirt lately, so hello. It balances perfectly with the ladylike classic bag and too-cute-for-words animal-print heels. Am I right? Tough meets femme, yeah. 

And in a world where I'm not too scared to rock color on my lips and tousle my hair in a bob, I'd do that, too. Wink. 

I've also got this new site, Union & Fifth, on my mind lately. It's a nonprofit online designer consignment store. How cool is that? Nonprofit. Online. Designer. Consignment. Yeah, all those things in one...sweet. 

I'll go ahead and tell you that man, they have a nice selection of Manolos. The best part? When you buy Manolos on the cheap, it also raises money for nonprofits. Don't you adore that? 

Union & Fifth was born in 2012 and today is more popular than ever, selling everything from shoes to, well, Chanel!

For more details on how you can get involved, visit unionandfifth.com and like Union & Fifth on Facebook. Oh, and wish me luck because I could win a trip to fashion week!

Air kisses xoxo

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  1. That blue Chanel is my fave too! Good luck on the NYFW contest.


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