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Monday, January 5, 2015

Motivation Monday: See You At The Barre

Hoodie, Rodarte/Target; tee via Emi-Jay; Nike Epic pants/Air Force 1 via JD Sports  


 This. Is. 2015. Can I tell you how thrilled I am? Very. I feel like Counting Crows August and Everything After was my anthem from 2014 because that's when things started going dramatically downhill. And? I stopped exercising completely. 
The first week in September, I flew to New York and once I returned home, I never went back to the gym or barre class again. Blush. I'm so shameful because immediately after that my back went so crazy I could barely sit in the car without it erupting into extreme pain. Or on the floor to play with the kids. Or really even to just sit at the dinner table. So this year? I get back to the gym and my beloved Pilates. I get back on the treadmill (because it's just too darn cold for moi and my stroller walks). And I get back to occasional barre classes...enough to strengthen my core and my muscles (which won't take long, trust me. it's the hardest workout ever!)
When I saw this Emi-Jay See You At The Barre tee, I just fell in love. After all, barre class is what helped me lose my baby weight last year, and I really miss those girls! (And, yes, pale is the new black. Wink.)

In 2015, I'm going to make fitness part of my life again. For the good of my body...my mind...and my soul. I can't wait.  

P.S. Another "resolution" of mine is to relish every, single moment with my family. Forget whatever else it is that's 'more important', family is more important than anything. Period.

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