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Monday, February 9, 2015

Ashlee Simpson is Pregnant in (These) Heels

Hello, lovelies! It's Monday again...sigh. Is Mercury still in retrograde because last week was nasty. Let's all put some cute heels on and not think about it, k?

This week marks the week one year ago I gave birth to baby L. Eek! Tears. Needless to say, everything that crosses my sweet mind this week is about either pregnancy or baby. And I do recall wearing some big heels up until THE day (when I shamelessly strolled up to the delivery room in UGGs, thank you very much.). Let's throw back some pregnancy heels...shall we?

Can't believe it's been a year...whew! Anyway...

Ashlee Simpson's rocking some major pregnancy heels lately and they're the Ruthie Davis Isabelle heels above. Omg aren't they so worthy of wearing every day? They're black and a beautiful rose gold. And they're - drumroll - on sale! For $404. Hey, you'll wear them way more than that jacket you only wear come winter. Just telling the truth. Wink. 

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