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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Motivation Monday: How I've Kept Off the Baby Weight

There is no real Motivation Monday today. Notice? I mean, this is it I guess, but for what it's worth I could not make myself get dressed this weekend in my new Lululemon workout gear...in the rain. I had every intention and then...PJs. Sometimes they win...shrug. And then I ate cheese dip...and donuts! For crying out loud. But you know what? I don't do that all the time. I promise! (I ate fried food last week and my body hated me.)

I'm here to say you can have your donuts and stay thin, too. How did I lose my baby weight? Weight Watchers (aka salads...yogurt...chicken...you get it) and barre class four times a week. How am I keeping it off? Balancing what I eat with Pilates and cardio (as in chasing my preschooler around the hall 29 times in a row without getting dizzy). 

The key here is balance. Sometimes I eat a donut, but most of the time? I don't. I eat a lot of eggs, whole wheat toast, and almond butter for snacks. (Fav snack of all time? Peanut butter, banana and almond milk smoothies!) I eat salads and turkey sandwiches and vegetables of all kinds. But, I love chocolate...and I have a preschooler who loves chocolate. So to say I don't ever indulge would be a blatant lie. But if I deprived myself from ever having a treat, I'd (a) be miserable and (b) just wanna eat treats for every meal. It's also much about portions! Those little Kit Kats are juuuuust enough to satisfy a sweet tooth. ;)

I try to make it a routine to practice Pilates three times a week (resolution) because it's really helped my lower back since baby #2, and it definitely keeps me centered. There's nothing like a good stretchy day in Pilates class. I find that Pilates really keeps my body long and lean, and my core has already shown a huge difference in just the month I've been back. A strong core leads to a stronger everything else. 

Balance. It's really the key to everything in life, am I right? Everything in moderation. So while I might have indulged in cheese dip last night, my body will definitely be back to eating clean today. And, Pilates, I'll see ya in juuuust a few... 

See you back here in a couple weeks with some really awesome new workout gear! Have a chic week. Xoxo 

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