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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: Star in A Video Series

I don't often write about the zillions of contests out there, but had to pass this one along because it's a reallllly good one! Expecting? Have a newborn or child up to 20 months? The First Years is casting young families with a unique story for an online reality series...think the more individual, the better! The contest ends this Sunday, but it's so easy to enter. 

What to do?
Visit family.thefirstyears.com and submit a 30-second to 1-minute Smartphone video and 100-word (or less) written story about what makes your family's story unique. 

The best part...what you'll WIN
You'll star in the series, plus get $7,500 worth in prizes. (Think iPad Air 2...$2,000 in baby products...$5,000 savings bond...WOW!)

I've considered entering myself, but can't think of anything unique. Hmmmm...surely there's something. I mean...those prizes. Gotta think on this. 

Best of luck, mamas! And please pray (after five straight days of no school) that we get out of this snowbound house soon...CABIN FEVER. 

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