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Monday, March 9, 2015

Art + Sole: An Interview with Jane Weitzman

For a couple of months now, I've been admiring a beautiful shoe book on my living table (well, trunk. Our home is very coastal beachy style.). I just love flipping through and looking at the gorgeous shoes in Art + Sole, written by Jane Weitzman. Yes, I said Weitzman. She's the wife of shoe designer Stuart Weitzman. 
The vibrant red book features 150 fantasy art shoes made of highly unique materials she has discovered and commissioned by artists for the first Stuart Weitzman shop on Madison Avenue in the mid-1990s. Think feathers, ceramic, paper...fresh flowers! Many are in printed form for the first time. 

I'm so happy I was able to catch up with Jane on her busy book touring schedule and ask her a few shoe questions (because, hello, I loooove doing that!). Enjoy!

I Heart Heels: Being a fellow shoe lover, I just love this book! Tell me what's the wildest shoe you've ever worn. 
Jane Weitzman: I have a knee-high leopard boot. They can only be worn with solid colors, usually black because the pattern itself is so dramatic. 

IHH: What's it like being married to a shoe designer?
JW: It's very interesting to be married to a shoe designer, but Stuart has other great qualities. He's charitable, very funny and has a great sense of values. 

IHH: The book is a gorgeous vibrant red. Why did you choose this color?
JW: Red is definitely my favorite color  and I've worn it all of my life. 

IHH: Do you think shoes can be considered art?
JW: I do feel that shoes can be considered art and I believe that Andy Warhol did, too. I've seen Art Deco shoes  and others that I think are definitely art, but they are few and far between. 
IHH: What's your fav style that Stuart designs and why?
JW: I love all of Stuart's high boots as well as the silhouette of his high heel pumps. An all-time favorite is the Oval sandal, which he made several years ago. 

[Photos Courtesy Paula Rosado PR]

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