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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Get Outfitted in Style

The week before (ok, the day before) we left for our spring break ski trip to Copper Mountain, I realized I didn't have much to wear. Insert panic face here. See, my husband is the cold-weather expert and he got so sick the week we left. I was in a frenzy!

So I asked my contact at Copper if I could just rent my apparel there like all of my equipment. NBD, right? Wrong. She said they didn't have apparel rental. And then she suggested GetOutfitted.com. It literally saved my ski wardrobe, folks. 

Luckily, little C had a few things to borrow from someone here in town, and I picked up some insulated underwear, socks and goggles for him no problem. But me? I had nothing but a jacket that was a little too big. Not even a good pair of gloves, really. 
When I contacted GetOutfitted.com at the very last minute, they were more than nice and very efficient. It was pretty darn amazing. (This is why I love smaller start-ups, sweeties.) Their service offers a couple different packages, depending on what you're looking for, and I received the ski jacket, pants, gloves and goggles. For a three-day rental, that standard rental is just $90 (the premium includes slightly more for $135).*
Can I tell you this is the best deal? Not only do you get it mailed to your condo in a nifty box, but you get the most amazing apparel. My jacket was a gorgeous faux fur lilac Burton and my gloves were Burton as well (I'm now spoiled and currently looking for all things Burton because that brand.) My ski pants were by Patagonia, and you just don't get much better than that! They survived all of my trips and falls with complete ease and that's saying something. 

Once I was finished wearing everything, I sadly packed it back up in the postage-paid bag provided and left it at the post office. So long, Colorado. And so long to the chicest ski gear ever. I may not have been the best skier out there, but I sure did look good! :)

If you're only going to ski once a year (or less), or if it's your first time and you have nothing to wear, GetOutfitted.com is def the way to go. Thanks for saving me, guys!!

Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for this post. My GetOutfitted.com package was provided to me in exchange for the review of services. 

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