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Monday, March 2, 2015

Motivation Monday: Comfy Casual in Matilda Jane

Ok, so it's not exactly activewear, but I like to call it my supermom attire because I can do anything in a comfy outfit like this. I definitely feel motivated and like I can do everything on a dreaded Monday when I'm comfortable. Because when I'm not in my heels (or wedges, these days with baby), I'm on the go a lot toting the kids around to preschool and appointments and on errands to the store. 

When Matilda Jane offered to send me something from their newly-improved mama's line, I squealed with joy. I wrote about last week how I'm a huge fan of the label for baby L because they have irresistibly adorable things for little girls. But I bet you didn't realize they offer women's clothing as well! And you know what? I'm actually wearing heels here since these are my sneaker wedges...wink. I love how they give me that extra height even when I'm dressed casual...otherwise, I feel so sloppy! Shoe choice matters so much when it comes to everyday clothing.

This is the Marvelous Marled Vee ($74) and it's perfect for the weather right now. Honestly, I have to take it off after I'm inside the house awhile because it's that warm! I love any kind of tee or sweater (in this case) that has a longer back hem because I find it more flattering and it's great when you're wearing tighter pants. This sweater is also super-cute with the sleeves pushed up, but I literally took these photos in the rain. Blush. (Kinda cold. What's up with this weather?! C'mon, spring!) This week, I think I'll slip this super-soft sweater on over my workout tank for Pilates...it's so versatile! (I layered it over a black tee here.)
And the pants? If you ever put on these Heather Finn Pants ($58), you won't want to take them off. They're comfy times one thousand, folks. They're basic gray, so I can wear them with lots of tees, tanks and sweaters already in my closet, and the ruffles on the hem remind a lot of the little Matilda Jane pieces (and I so would've brought baby L into this photoshoot in her spring Matilda Jane, but the rain was too much for her. Stay tuned for Wednesday!). These pants have an amazing stretchy fit and are super-thin, so I'm thinking I might even wear them to Pilates class one day...the foldover panel at the tummy is just perfect. 

So, yes, I do love to dress up and wear heels and dresses and skinny jeans. But this is one of the ways I get by being a stay-at-home mom, still looking put together. You don't have to wear sloppy sweatpants and an old t-shirt every day...you just don't.

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