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Monday, March 16, 2015

Motivation Monday: The Jogger Pant

Hey ya...how was everyone's weekend? Motivated this Monday?? (I mean don't you hate it when people start emails with Happy Monday! I can almost guarantee you that mine is more like Crazy Monday!) But, really. I do love it when I'm completely motivated on a Monday...it definitely feels good to get the week started off right. And I'm super excited to share this Motivation Monday because one of my fav denim brands, Joe's Jeans (their distressed jeans are some of my fav of all time), has an activewear line now called Joe's Off Duty. I've been test driving it the past couple of weeks and? Loves. It.

I'm kind of obsessed with the latest athleisure trend, per se, because I'm loving how you can really take a sporty look and make it just that...or, heck, add some heels and you still look cute. I'm not even kidding! It's all in the silhouette and fabrics you choose - you definitely can't just rock your workout clothes with heels, c'mon. I'm love, love, loving chic sweats (remember last week and the jogging pants I posted?) because I can pair with an insanely comfy tee like this one (the black Session tee). It's got a really lightweight feel to it (it's 100-percent linen, but it doesn't really wrinkle...in black, anyway!) and I love how the sleeves aren't tight (just a pet peeve of mine!). It falls perfectly with a relaxed fit, so you really can work out in it. These are the French Terry Sweat Pants and the chic pattern on them had me at hello. I love the trim fit and they fit very comfortable...true to size. 

So back to being motivated. I've been a little relaxed with my diet since baby L's birthday party when we had an entire dessert bar and I ate birthday cake for the next week straight (hey, I'm not saying I regret it). Then D. and I decided to jet-set to a wine festival and BOOM. The scale and I are breaking up. 

Soooo...since I'm going skiing all next week, I decided I better get my bottom in gear (literally) and I've been watching what I eat with lots more salads, cutting out sweets and trying to get in stroller rides with baby L the past several days now that it's warming up. Whew. I haven't been able to make it to Pilates as much as I'd like, so I'm hoping this cardio will save me. So far, I shed the couple of pounds I gained from our beach getaway and now I've got just a few more to go. I know it's minor and probably seems like not a big deal to you, but I've found in my previous weight loss journeys that if I can stay on top of any weight gain, it's always best. Once it's 5 pounds, then it's quickly another and you've gained 10. So bear with me, it's not that I think I need to diet or lose a bunch of weight, etc. I'm now trying to stay on top of things and eat cleaner and exercise more because I kinda got off track towards the end of winter. 

Tell me. What are you fav ways to lose just a few excess pounds?

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