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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: First Time Skiing Copper Mountain

Oh. My. Gosh. I skied for the first time yesterday. Do I laugh...cry...squeal?? Copper Mountain (Colorado) is ah-mazing. Honestly, so many emotions went through my head after my first (and only) run of the day. Y'all, I was so tired when I hit the bottom! We're talking could barely carry my skis to the bus tired. Oof. I may or may not have fallen getting off the ski lift and may or may not have fallen several times on my way down the run, but I gave it a GREAT try and I'm pretty proud of myself. (Pat on the back.) I'm definitely going back tomorrow. 
I waited to ski until the afternoon because I was scared I'd get too cold in the a.m. Blush. We actually decided not to do ski school since we are only here for a few days. My (expert skier) husband offered to teach little C and me some moves at the bottom of the greens. little C, bless his heart, just turned five and was a little apprehensive. He gave it a good try, but I think he'll feel more comfortable tomorrow. Didn't he look cuuuuute (see below)? Tackling putting his ski boots on him was half the battle. Tomorrow we're trying tubing with him and I can't wait!

Copper Mountain is really an awesome place for families. We're going to try the under six CritterLand tomorrow and I think little C will love. I've seen lots of families out and about...even baby friends for baby L! baby L just loves it here even though she's pretty much a spectator. 

We've eaten some great food (last night was Casa Sanchez Mexican food and it was so, so good...fav meal so far! They have huge portions, so I'll be enjoying tonight's leftovers for lunch tomorrow.)
And, of course, we love, love, love our lodging. We're staying at Passage Point in the Center Village, which is right where much of the food and shops are. There's also (intermediate/blue) skiing just a two-minute walk away. We love how the buses stop right outside as well...so convenient for going to ski the beginner greens (my specialty!) or for heading to CritterLand for the kids. There's a sneak peek photo or two below of our two-bedroom condo, but next week there will be a complete recap and lots more! 
So far we just love Copper Mountain and all it has to offer our family. It's the cutest little ski village that really has everything (in fact, we tried out the Passage Point hot tubs last night!). It's also located right off I-70 and just an hour and a half outside of Denver. 

Stay tuned next week for my final recap on our first family ski trip! We kinda don't wanna leave. 
P.S. I rented ALL my apparel and accessories shown here from GetOutfitted.com. I'll have all the deets on this amazing company next week! Xoxo 

Disclosure: This post was not sponsored by Copper Mountain, and I was not paid for it. Everything you read here is my opinion. Travel accommodations were made for my family to review the facilities and tickets to amenities were provided for the purpose of this review. 

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