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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: How to Make Lego Crayons

This Valentine's Day I decided to go all out and make something fun. Instead of buying a paper Valentine and slapping little C's name on it, I wanted to create something that the kids would actually like (and use!) and turn it into our own fun project at home. Warning: it does take some time for this. I won't sugarcoat it like the blogs I found this on and say, it takes 10 minutes! Because it does not. But it's so worth the final product. 

First, you want to find a bunch of old crayons. If they don't have wrappers on, even better. If they do, you'll have to peel them off, which takes some time. If your little one is reluctant about using his or her crayons, just say you're going to make them into new, even cooler crayons and that they're not going away. 

Next, you'll want to use an old cutting board to chop up the crayons into small pieces. You'll then put them into the silicone Lego molds (I bought mine for cheap on Amazon.) There are Lego blocks and Lego men. The blocks are easier but require more crayons. Tip: name sure you put plenty of crayons into the molds. If you don't fill them up enough, they'll end up too thin and break before you can take out of the mold. 

Microwave each mold about four minutes, or until it's all liquid and melted. Use a pot holder to remove from the microwave. Let cool a few minutes. Tip: Place in the freezer for about 15 minutes. This will make certain your crayons don't break when taking out of the mold. I learned this the hard way and made several broken batches. Practice makes perfect! 

After you remove from the freezer, take them out of the molds. Take extra care on the Lego men because they have tiny parts...don't want a broken leg!
Here is the finished product! You can mix and match crayon colors in the mold to get these cool color combos. I love how these turned out!
Finally, I bought individual small plastic bags with twist ties at Michael's and placed the crayons in them. 

I also found the cutest Lego template at JDaniel4smom.com. I printed it on bright yellow paper and folded each design in half, writing the note on the inside. I punched a hole to attach it to the bag with the twist tie. 

Voila! Takes some work, so start several days in advance to get the hang if it. After the first few sets, it gets easy! 

And these don't have to just be Valentines...they're great party favors and kid's rewards as well! 

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