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Friday, April 10, 2015

Dinner with Designer Nicole Miller

To continue my busy week of fashion events here in Little Rock, I attended an amazing dinner at a private home overlooking the Arkansas River. The backyard view was stunning (as was the home), and the company was incredible. I mean, fashion designer Nicole Miller, hello?! 

The party was the precursor to the annual Bolo Bash (which was Wednesday and I'll have photos of that next week). Bolo Bash is an annual event that raises funds for Baptist Health. Bolo Bash has been around for 25 years and raised millions of dollars to date. Truly amazing. 

For the event, I wore my new favorite LBD from French Connection. I like to stay safe on occasions like this. Call me boring, but I think this black dress is anything but that. In fact, this piece is my single fav new piece in my closet right now (can I mention I'm obsessed with crepe??). I'm going to be wearing it all. the. time. Can you wear LBDs to the grocery store? Hey, don't put it past me. 

The shoes are also French Connection (I mentioned I won a shopping spree, yes?) and these t-straps are as comfy as ever. Really an amazing pair of heels that are quite comfortable (trust me, I stood in them for three hours). Black and gold are just so pretty together and fav combo of mine!

I got lots of compliments on both the dress and shoes, and, of course, the bag. This vintage Chanel is mine this month as I'm borrowing it from Bag, Borrow or Steal. Realize that if you ever carry a vintage Chanel, your bag is going to be the center of attention for the evening. I really had no idea. Wish it was all mine (duh), but quite honestly I'm having just as much fun toting it around for the month and than giving it back so that I don't have to faint when one of my kids rips the strap in two or spills jelly all over it. Shudder. 

The party itself was lovely and had an open bar with wine and some of the best bacon I've tasted in my life. I never would've thought I'd see grown society women hovering around a platter of bacon, but I can confirm this happened. 

I also spoke with our new governor, an esthetician with an adorable purse and a jewelry designer friend of mine...all thanks for my friend L. again (she works for the radio!) for letting me know about this event all and introducing me to so many fabulous people. And while I had already spoken to Nicole at the trunk show, I talked to her for just a bit at the party because I had to know about her wedges. She told me they were made by her and last season (gasp!), but they're her favorites. I pretty much told her she can do what she wants because she's Nicole Miller! Not to mention, I would wear her last season shoes every season myself. They're cuuuuuute. 

And while I didn't bid on the original sketches they had there...I certainly was very tempted! Here they are below. Aren't they amazing?

I'm so thrilled and honored I was able to attend this party on behalf of I Heart Heels. The people, place and party were all so fabulous! You better there were lotsa air kisses. Xoxo 

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