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Friday, April 17, 2015

Lilly for Target is Here Sunday!

Ok, you know what this is about, right? Be still my pink-loving heart. We've all been hotly anticipating this launch since freaking January when it was miserably snowing. Lilly for Target is here on Sunday. Squeal!! As we ready ourselves for our summer beach trips and pool parties, it's simply perfect timing.
I myself have bought a few Lilly pieces in the past, but honestly they weren't as timeless as I had hoped. Looking at this Target collection, I see so many amazing, exciting prints that will totally stand the test of time..say three or four annual summer vacays? At least. I love the signature bright colors, but also the floral patterns. (The pink seashells I bought years ago just didn't do it for me after awhile. Remember when buying...purchase with this in mind!)

Lilly for Target will feature apparel, shoes and accessories for women and girls as well as home goods and cosmetics. So you're darn right baby L is gonna match this chic mama! Even if she can't wear it right away. Blush. 
Tops on my list? The swimsuits. Don't touch, folks. Since last summer I was nursing and wearing mom suits, this is the year of the two-piece return. I think one of these could be my signature suit! 
Needless to say, I'm cleansing until Sunday's dressing room time. Halfway kidding. Wink. 

See you amongst the palm tree aisles on Sunday, girls! Xoxo

P.S. Just look at these prints! Gahhhhh! 

[Photos Courtesy Target]

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