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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: Why Being a Stay-At-Home Mom is Glorious...on a Good Day

There's *always* a debate between mom society on if staying at home is a "job" or if it's a "luxury." Whatever you believe, that's not really my point today. As I was passing Starbucks this morning, I began to think about why I love staying at home so much. Here are a few things I came up with: 

1. The grocery store. I don't have to wait for the crazy grocery store shuffle at 5 p.m. to shop. When I go at 8 a.m. after little C's carpool, it's just me and the bread aisle. (Well and baby L, but she's a dream to shop with!) It truly is bliss. Especially when you read every label like moi. 

2. Appointments. When I call the kids' doctors or even my doctor (or, ahem, masseuse...spray tanner...hairdresser), I can pretty much schedule the appointment whenever I want...around naps and Pilates, that is. Which leads me to...

3. Exercise. I can totally take advantage of the morning Pilates and group exercise classes and not have to worry about being exhausted by the end of the day after a long day of work. I can also take baby L on a stroller ride and get a little break. I realize this makes me spoiled, but I'm also really thankful it makes it easier to take care of my health.

4. Sleep. No, I don't sleep that well at night. In fact, we have one kid in our bed and the baby who is so inconsistent, we never know if it will be a good night or bad one. But, rest assured that if I don't get a full night's sleep, I can nap with baby L in the morning while little C is at preschool. Whew.

5. Kids. I think this one is obvious. I get to stay at home during the most crucial time in their lives. One that neither I nor they really want to fly by too fast. We need each other, and I'm so very glad I have this opportunity to both work on my freelance as well as love on my babies. (Who won't be babies for very long!) Those extra hugs and kisses at home as well as the opportunity to teach lots of things one-on-one and just quietly rock baby to sleep are certainly priceless. (And honestly it's quite not ever miss a shoe delivery again.)

Kudos to all the mamas who go to work every day. This is nothing against you one bit. This is me merely saying I'm going to miss this all in just a few years, so I'm truly savoring every moment. Even when it's a day full of no shower...no nap...whiny kids or a messy house. Not every day is perfect, but it is pretty glorious...on a good day. 

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