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Friday, May 22, 2015

I Wanna Look Like Demi. Happy Friday.

It's the Friday before a long holiday weekend (and before I have an entire week with two kiddos at home...eek! Pray for me! Or just give me a Red Bull?). So in honor of swimsuit season and my own beach trip prep, I found it fitting to show this recent photo of Demi Moore wearing this H&M Conscious Exclusive dress, which retails for just $129. Can I look like her in my future life, please?! How about right now?

I've got just a handful of days left to really get serious about this beach body of mine (truth: it's probably not happening). But, really this dress with this body takes the meaning of LBD to a whole new level. And $129, what?!

Think about this next time you open those Doritos. 

I wanna look like Demi. I wanna look like Demi. I'll just quietly chanting this to myself throughout the weekend. Carry on. 

P.S. I know I already don't blog nearly as much as I did pre-babies, so let me go ahead and tell ya I'm taking Monday off. Hey, what's one more day? Family time...gotta have it. Coming back atcha Tuesday with a fun outfit post! Have a chic (long!) weekend. Xoxo

[Photo Courtesy H&M]

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